Lease Renewal Campaign App

Please update the below values as required, once completed click on the 'Submit' button at the bottom to move to the next step



Choose the drop criteria from the below options

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Export Log

Offer template-Download

Please download template for filling offers for the current campaign. This should include the CP and MultiOffers Download

Offer template-Upload

Please upload the filled template

The following Tab is for entering the groups to whom offers are to be allocated. For eg, K700 with low meter usage and monthly payment >40, in all Lease periods have to be assigned a CP 10% offer

proceed to offer allocation first ...

Customer Suppression template-Download

Please download template for filling customer list for the final suppressions alongwith flag description. Leave description blank for customers not to be suppressed Final Suppression template

Upload Customer Suppression File

Please upload the list of customers to be suppressed from Output files